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Trax Ultra Slim Jogger

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The world’s thinnest, slimmest and minimalist designed treadmill is here— Trax Ultra Slim Jogger! Designed like a mobile phone, the Trax Ultra Slim Jogger brings new fashion style for the young people. It comes with a wireless speed control band that starts, stops, accelerate, and decelerate the product. It can reach a maximum speed of 8 KMPH. A perfect combination of artistic and scientific. 



  • World’s thinnest treadmill, slim and minimalist design
  • Powerful Wall Magnets– it can be stored on a wall
  • Can be put under a bed or sofa (due to its sleek size)
  • Wireless speed control band – starts and stops the product, accelerate/decelerate function
  • With built-in wheels for easier transport
  • LED Display: Shows the Time, Speed and Distance
  • Smart Hydraulic handrail: max speed is 8km/h when handrail is unfolded and max speed of 6km/h when handrail is folded.
  • Awards received: Red dot design award winner 2018 – Product Design and  ISPO Award winner 2018



  • User Max Weight: 225lb 
  • DC Motor: 1.5HP
  • Thickness: 9 cm
  • World’s first treadmill without welding process 
  • Weight: Only 1/4 of traditional treadmills. 
  • Bipolar Driven Technology 
  • Shock absorption system



The Trax Ultra Slim Jogger is so slim it has a minimum ground clearance of 4.7 cm and maximum ground clearance of 9 cm. 

Wireless Speed Control Band

Start, stop, accelerate, and decelerate the treadmill with just 1 click from this smart band.


Can be stored on a wall thanks to its powerful magnets. It also features a built-in wheels for easier transport. 



The Trax Ultra Slim Jogger takes only a very small space that you can even place it under the bed or sofa. 



The Trax Ultra Slim Jogger has a max speed of 8km/h when the handrail is unfolded and 6km/h max speed when the handrail is folded.



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