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Bauerfeind Compression Sleeves Lower Leg Long - White


Bauerfeind Compression Sleeves Lower Leg strengthen the muscles in the lower legs by powerful compression. The compression effect of the support is based on medical standards that promote circulation in the legs and improves venous return. The compression lessens the uncomfortable muscle vibration in the calf to further prevent premature fatigue. The support secures the fit while you are moving. It is a durable, toxic-free product of robust quality.


79% Polyamide, 21% Elastane


  • Even in a wet or stretched condition, Bauerfeind Compression support has UPF 80 that protects your skin from UV radiation. Tested by the International Test Association for Applied Protection against UV Radiation meeting the standards of UV Standard 801. It also proves that the support is eight times more effective than a light T-shirt
  • Temperature monitoring microfiber which keeps the joints and muscle warm, yet it is breathable on the skin for excellent comfort. It is also durable and can be washed through machine and tumbled dry.
  • Wide ends with silicone dotted bands that ensure the perfect fit to your legs even during rough activities
  • Medical grade compression increases circulation and improves the flow of oxygen to improve endurance and lessen premature fatigue


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