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Bauerfeind Knee Strap - Rivera


Bauerfeind Knee Strap secures the relief for patellar tendon by targeting compression below the kneecap during long sporting activities, especially during intensive training. The strap counteracts typical complaints like knee pain or noticeable restriction of movement to further prevent lasting injury. A close-fitting knitted fabric that has four nubbed pressure points which is a functional element that relieves the patellar tendon insertion by giving a massage action while you move. The outer pressure points stimulate around the patellar tendon and boost the sensorimotor system. The soft special knitted fabric fits perfectly and fastened its position to the knee while you move. It is tightened evenly on both sides that prevent the possibility of slipping.


Material composition:

42% Polyamide, 37% Silicone, 12% Polyurethane, 3% Cotton, 3% Polyoxymethylene, 2% Polyester, 1% Elastane


  • It is lightweight since it is made with airy fabric for superior comfort
  • It has pads that are incorporated into the strap to secure the patellar tendon and targetted compression
  • Adjustable strap designed to become a support to the knee and it's durable and washable

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