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Select Football Brilliant - White and Blue

₱899.10 ₱999.00

  • All-round football in exactly the same design as the top ball model Brilliant Super.
  • The ball is made of a soft PVC material.
  • A Double-Lock valve inside ensures that the football is airtight.
  • The football is mashine-sewn.
  • Available in size 5 







Straighten the ball out as best as possible.


Shake the ball so that the ladder is hanging loosely and vertically beneath the valve hole.


Allow 1 - 2 drops of SELECT valve oil to drip into the valve hole. Remember to oil the ball regularly so that the valve doesn’t dry out.


Pump the ball up with a SELECT pump. It is important that the bladder is in the vertical position as shown here. Always remember to use the nipple.


Use a SELECT pressure gauge to check if
the ball has the recommended pressure (see recommendation on the ball).


Clean the ball with a brush and tepid water. Dry the ball with a cloth. Place the ball in a ventilated room with a temperature of 15 - 20C.

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