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Select Football Contra


  • Ideal for club-level matches and training
  • Made of thin PU synthetic leather
  • With 5-layer underlining and zero wing bladder
  • 32 hand-stitched panels 
  • Shiny surface for high control of speed
  • Colorful design for improved visibility and faster player reactions
  • Size 5
  • Color: White-Blue


*Call branch to verify availability. Prices may differ outside Metro Manila. All published prices are subject to change without prior notice.




Straighten the ball out as best as possible.

Shake the ball so that the ladder is hanging loosely and vertically beneath the valve hole.


Allow 1 - 2 drops of SELECT valve oil to drip into the valve hole. Remember to oil the ball regularly so that the valve doesn’t dry out.


Pump the ball up with a SELECT pump. It is important that the bladder is in the vertical position as shown here. Always remember to use the nipple.


Use a SELECT pressure gauge to check if
the ball has the recommended pressure (see recommendation on the ball).


Clean the ball with a brush and tepid water. Dry the ball with a cloth. Place the ball in a ventilated room with a temperature of 15 - 20C.

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