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4 Accessories to Add to Your Lower Body Workout Program

4 Accessories to Add to Your Lower Body Workout Program

Want to sculpt and tone your legs? Don't let the lack of a gym membership stop you from fulfilling your fitness goals. Consider including these accessories in your lower body workout program. Get moving at home with these easy-to-use equipment that will target your glutes, calves, and hamstrings.


An aerobic stepper or platform is one of the best choices for a low-impact but higher-intensity indoor exercise routine. It’s a step level above walking as a fitness stepper allows you to combine aerobic and cardio exercises.

Step aerobics gets your heart pumping and has all the benefits of a cardio workout without putting the stress on your joints. The best part, stepping up and down the stepper works on your calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings and strengthens and tones your buttocks.

Fitness & Athletics Aero Step Personal 2.0 is a step bench that also doubles as a platform for your cardio, aerobics, and strength workout. You can perform squats, push-ups, dips, and many more. While you can level up your stepping powers with Fitness & Athletics Aero Step Single Adjustable Stepper’s three-level height adjustment for a more varied and challenging exercise.


Known to work out the glutes or the buttocks area, a resistance band also greatly helps with toning your legs. The elastic band adds tension and resistance as you do your squats, pulses, steps, curls, lifts, extensions

A resistance band makes it challenging to do the movements, requiring a better form to engage targeted muscles and producing more power that ultimately builds strength on the legs. Another great thing about a resistance band is that it also targets the inner thighs.

Fitness & Athletics Hip Band is a beginner’s choice for starting out, made with elastic cotton, comfortable to use and safe to use without causing skin irritation. Fitness & Athletics FitBand Strength and Fitness & Athletics Fitband Force offers more varieties with different width and weight resistance for a more intense workout.


For a whole body workout that evenly tones the body, using a jump rope is one of the easiest and convenient exercises to get into. All you need is your handy rope and ample space to get your workout done. A jump Rope doesn’t require a variety of movements of bending, reaching, or kicking but it instills muscle memory and balance through the steady, rhythmic movements. This ultimately tones and defines the legs for continuous workout, while forcing your lower body to be in sync with the upper body.

Fitness & Athletics Lightning Jump Rope is beginner-friendly rope made of a PVC material, it is also extremely lightweight, easy to fold and bring anywhere you go. For advanced jumpers, SKLZ Speed Jump Rope is a high performance jump rope built with a thin, steel rod that adds intensity to training and builds endurance.


If you are a sports enthusiast and looking to work on your speed and muscle strength, agility cones are perfect accessories that can be easily set-up.

Cone drills work the legs and core simultaneously, resulting in better balance of the body, more steady movements, and increased stability on your feet. A short sprint with the cone drills can show how much you’ve developed with your leg strength and explosion movements.

SKLZ Agility Cone Set are effective markers, customizable for training areas, targets, obstacles, and setting up a variety of courses. It also has a soft but highly durable material that won’t break when stepped or run over.

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