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Camping Essentials Checklist 2022

Camping Essentials Checklist 2022

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? Head out of town for some peace and quiet, and consider camping. Before your getaway, get organized with these camping gear.

Camping Tent

For many campers, sleeping in a tent under the starry night sky is part of the quintessential camping experience. Light, easy to assemble, and portable, KingCamp Monodome II Playing Tent is a basic and affordable tent that can be set up in two minutes. If you’re looking for a more spacious tent, consider KingCamp Family 3 Outdoor Tent.

Sleeping Bag

If you’re camping in colder places or higher altitudes, a sleeping bag helps to keep the body warm. It provides insulation to retain your body heat while sleeping,providing warmth and comfort. KingCamp Spring Sleeping Bag only weighs 1.4 pounds and is also ideal for sleepovers where there isn’t enough bed. KingCamp Oasis 250 Portable and Lightweight Sleeping Bag weighs three pounds and has more room for your legs. 

Camping Chair 

A high-quality, portable, foldable camping chair is your best bet for a convenient camping trip. Camping chairs allow you to sit comfortably around a campfire, read a book, and reflect in peace, without having the trouble of getting your clothes dirty. You’ll also be amazed how sitting on a chair can take the weight off tired hiking legs after a long day.  A camping chair is also the most versatile piece of camping tool, with its foldable feature you can bring on any vacation or road trip. KingCamp’s Four Leg Stool is a good and affordable choice for a basic chair⁠. For a premium option. KingCamp’s Ultralight Chair Folding Chair Camping Chair features an ergonomic design that provides optimum comfort, allowing you to fully relax on its backrest.

Insulated Drinkware and Cooler

A nice hot drink on a cold night—or a cold drink on a hot, hiking day can make a difference. Bring your favorite beverage wherever your adventure takes you with Stanley’s impressive line of thermal insulated mugs, flasks, jugs, and coolers. 

Stanley Classic Stargazing Special Edition Insulated Camp Mug does not only keep your drink hot or cold for hourshours—it also decked out in stars and constellations design. Stanley Master Vacuum Water Bottle with QuadVac Technology keeps your drink cold or hot, enough to last a whole day of a camping trip. Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Jug, meanwhile, has a bigger capacity than regular tumblers to serve as your hydration gear for the day.

In the coolers department, Stanley Industrial Grade Adventure Cooler keeps your food and drink cold and fresh for up to 36 hours. Its superior insulation also makes this cooler effective storage for transporting items in constant cold temperatures. 

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