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NordicTrack Vault: The Hottest Home Mirror Gym in Town

NordicTrack Vault: The Hottest Home Mirror Gym in Town
NordicTrack Vault Mirror Gym Philippines


Introducing a revolutionary way of working out at home, the NordicTrack Vault.

But, what exactly is it? NordicTrack Vault is a mirror gym–and more.

An interactive smart mirror, NordicTrack Vault doubles as a space-saving freestanding storage system–designed with a carbon-steel frame that serves as a state of the art gym equipment–and an incredible choice to set up in a condo, apartment, or right in your room.

Inclusions of the Vault. Nordictrack Vault is a complete home gym, acting as vertical storage: The included set consists of premium dumbbells (from 5lbs to 30lbs), kettlebells (20lb and 30lb), resistance bands (20lb, 30lb, 50lb), loop bands (light, medium, heavy), a dual-textured exercise mat, two yoga blocks, and a microfiber cleaning towel.

All accessories are high quality and custom-made by Nordictrack to exactly fit on the hanging shelves inside the vault.

NordicTrack Vault Mirror Gym at Home
Peronal trainers at home, with iFit. NordicTrack Vault smart fitness mirror is powered by iFIT membership that allows you to stream on-demand classes and workouts from world-class elite trainers. If you are a fitness enthusiast who wants to try different exercises or switch up daily routines, an iFIT membership gives you numerous workouts to choose from. Specific workouts are exclusively created for the Vault–from yoga, pilates, strength training, HIIT, boot camp, cross-training, lifting, cardio, to mindfulness, and many more.
NordicTrack Vault Best Mirror Gym
Benefits of a workout mirror. Nordictrack Vault’s mirror also comes in handy when you want to improve your form and posture during a workout. It boasts of a 61.5–inch oversized mirror that rotates, giving you a perfect view of your trainer whether you are on the mat on the floor or doing jumping workouts.
The reflective training encourages you to keep moving while improving your form and modifying technique as needed, especially when working out with gym accessories like dumbbells and kettlebells or doing different body poses like yoga.

There is also a science behind working out in front of a mirror: It lowers the risk of injury, brightens up the workout area, and gives extra motivation–the very reason why most gyms, dance studios, and fitness spaces have walls lined up with mirrors.
NordicTrack Vault Mirror Gym for Sale
NordicTrack Vault Complete Set is available at Chris Sports stores and online. Click this link to shop.


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