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Odd and Creative Ways to Use Stanley Bottles and Food Jars

Odd and Creative Ways to Use Stanley Bottles and Food Jars

What’s a good way to use a Stanley? Sure, nothing beats us when it comes to keeping food and drinks hot, cold, and iced, for hours, but that’s not all there is to it. Some of our crazy creative fans have come up with surprising ways – that may be an understatement – to use a Stanley bottle.


A Stanley bottle which lights up? Yup, you read that right. Years back, some genius thought of, and actually made, a fully functioning lamp using a Stanley bottle. Want to make yours too? Check out [House of Hawthornes]( for a tutorial.



With the rise of courier services and food deliveries, surprising loved ones who are far from us has become much easier. Make it more special by sending your homemade brew to friends and make sure they enjoy it while it’s still piping hot – or icy cold. Mix up your secret recipe, pack it in a Stanley, and have it shipped to a loved one who needs some cheering up.


Scientists and researchers have told us they’ve used Stanley bottles for shipping vaccines. Our coolers too, are in fact, industrial grade – making it an ideal vessel for storing and transporting vaccines. Stanley’s exceptional technology – thermal performance, airtight and leak-proof gaskets – protects vaccines during long trips. Vaccines are kept chilled and viable during transportation.


 No stove? No problem. Stanley food jars – and bottles too – retain heat like no other. Our food jars can be used to whip up a [quick simple meal](  – think oatmeal, noodles, and whatnot.

Those are just a few odd ways to use a Stanley. Maybe you can share yours too. Come on now, we know you have stories.


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