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Studio Cycling at Home: An iFit Trainer's Perspective

Studio Cycling at Home: An iFit Trainer's Perspective

My name's John, I am one of the iFit trainers you can train with on the NordicTrack S22i, and I want to give you my perspective as a personal trainer.

NordicTrack offers On-Demand Studio Class Experience that streams to your bike. You also get full body workout content, including HIIT workouts, yoga, barre classes, strength training, and more. But the big difference is that on your NordicTrack, your trainer takes your workout to the best places on earth to give you the best workout experience so you can burn calories - climb in the Swiss Alps, racing through the red rocks of southern Utah.

Your trainer automatically adjusts incline and decline of your bike, giving you a truly immersive experience.

NordicTrack also has a large HD 22-inch touchscreen that gives a better viewing experience for your total body workout.

With the NordicTrack s22i your trainer takes the guesswork out by automatically adjusting the resistance for you. NordicTrack offers you an experience where you won't have to imagine climbing a hill - but actually feel the bike incline as you climb the mountain with your trainer.

NordicTrack has a fully adjustable workout fan conveniently integrated right into the console.NordicTrack also has an integrated HDMI port allowing you to view your workout on a large external screen.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the value you get from NordicTrack. I would love to have you are NordicTrack Community because I've created some great workouts around the world that I know you will love.


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