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Yoga for Beginners: Benefits and Must-Have Accessories

Image by Nhi Nguyễn Tường from Pixabay

Benefits of Yoga


Yoga slowly builds your flexibility

You don’t have to be an athlete or in the best shape to try yoga—you just need to find which type suits you and start increasing your flexibility. There are hundreds of yoga poses, and as a beginner, it can be a little overwhelming. When it comes to learning, it is best to commit to doing what you can and practicing. 

Yoga relieves body pain, especially back pain

For those of sitting for a prolonged period of time due to work, back pain can be a nagging issue. A simple 15-20 mins of yoga can help realign your posture, stretch aching muscles, and release tension build up. You will be surprised how some yoga poses are just the exact thing your body needs.

Yoga helps burn calories and increases muscle tone

While yoga isn't an aerobic exercise, it can be sweat-inducing and heart-pumping, too. Standing poses, yoga flows, and twists make for a challenging sweat session contributing to fat loss. Matched with breathing techniques, it helps improve your cardiovascular health. Yoga poses also help define your muscles and strengthen them.

Yoga helps manage stress

A few minutes of yoga can help you feel relaxed and enhance your mood. Slow and deep breathing help calm your stress levels, improving mindfulness and promoting a better sleep.


Must-Have Accessories for Yoga

For beginners, Fitness & Athletics Foldable Yoga Mat features 14 yoga poses illustrated right on the mat that can help you master basic poses.

Foldable Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat should be comfortable, easy to clean, and easy to carry around. Fitness & Athletics Yoga Mat 3mm has just the right thickness for standard mats.

Purple Yoga Mat 3mm

If you need extra support for knee pain, sensitive wrists, or feel more comfortable with a thicker cushion, Fitness & Athletics Premium Yoga Mat 6mm would be the better option.

There are different yoga accessories to help you find your balance especially when you are just starting out. Foam yoga blocks are great for beginners, as they are comfortable to hold and help bring you closer to the ground. Fitness & Athletics Yoga Block helps in shifting to one difficult pose to another without the risk of injuries.

yoga block
Find a better balance on standing positions with the help of Fitness & Athletics Grip Socks. It keeps your feet grounded on the mat with the silica gels grips underneath the cotton socks.

yoga grip socks
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