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SKLZ Goal-EE Portable Soccer Goal


Level up soccer game experience with SKLZ Goal-EE Portable Soccer Goal, which has high-quality nets, durable poles, and features easy-to-set-up soccer goal, which can hone passing and shooting skills. It includes spikes that anchors it to the ground to withstand powerful shots. This 4' x 3' frame is ideal for practice or short-sided scrimmages.

  • Quick set up for pickup games or practice drills
  • Authentic goal shape, including white nets, for real soccer action
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to carry to the field or park
  • Tension poles are made with fiberglass for durability
  • Heavy-gauge nylon net





    Perfect for pickup games or used as training targets for shooting drills, the Goal-EE Set features a lightweight, yet sturdy design and includes spikes for anchoring each net to the ground to stand up to powerful shots. SKLZ's soccer training Goal-EE is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry to the field or park.


    Unlike most other mini nets, the SKLZ Goal-EE features an authentic shape and the white nets and crossbars found in regulation goals for more realistic gameplay and training.

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